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Trachemys [genus]
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Red-eared sliders can be found all over the Netherlands. Usually only one or a few individual(s) are present. Highest concentrations are present in and around cities, where pet-keepers release these sliders.


Successful reproduction of red-eared sliders in the wild has not been recorded in the Netherlands, but egg laying has been observed several times since 2000. The animals can survive Dutch winters, but are not well adapted to Dutch climate. Because of potential threat to European fauna and flora imports of red-eared sliders Trachemys scripta elegans into the European Union has been forbidden since 1997 by eu-decree 338/97/ec. Pet trade has since than moved on to other subspecies and species, which are now sold in large numbers and sometimes released into the wild. Red-eared sliders still make up some 50% of the sliders brought to sanctuaries. The potential threat to Dutch amphibians from red-eared sliders is estimated to be small.



Veenvliet, P.