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Amerikaanse langlob-ribkwal Mnemiopsis leidyi

Foto: Marion Haarsma


Mnemiidae [familie]
Mnemiopsis [genus] (1/1)
leidyi [soort]

Mnemiopsis leidyi is an invasive ctenophore originating from the North- and South-American Atlantic coast. The species was transported with ballast water to the Black Sea and later to Europe. The first record in Dutch coastal waters stems from 2006. The animals, balloon shaped and transparant, move graciously through the water. The species looks much like Bolinopsis infundibulum, which is very rarely found in Dutch waters. The animals eat great quantities of plankton and can reproduce rapidly. The reduction of plankton can disturb marine ecosystems.



Gmelig Meyling, A.W., Gmelig Meyling, A.W.