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Chinese schijfhoren Gyraulus chinensis


Planorbidae [familie]
Gyraulus [genus] (8/4)
chinensis [soort]

Exotenpaspoort ?

Reële kans op vestiging? Ja
Betrouwbaarheid beoordeling Redelijke mate van zekerheid (een of enkele bronnen)
Vestigingsstatus Onbekend
Zeldzaamheid Zeldzaam
Invasiviteit Potentieel invasief
Invasiviteit (toelichting) This species has been reported to be invasive in areas with rice crops. In the Netherlands introduction with aquarium materials is probably the main verctor. The species is currently clearly expanding its range and records are now available from the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom (Meier-Brook 1983). In the Netherlands this species is still mainly restricted to aquaria and anthropogenic reservoirs, warmer water, greenhouses and ponds. There are very few records from the wild, most probably disgards from aquarium-materials.
Type introductie Niet opzettelijk
Jaar van eerste introductie 1977
Jaar van eerste melding 1983
Natuurlijke verspreiding Azië
Verspreiding in Nederland
  • Friesland
  • Overijssel
  • Verspreiding in Nederland (toelichting) There are as yet only a few sightings in the wild in the Netherlands (provinces of Friesland and Noord-Holland, Gittenberger et al. 1998). Being a common aquariumsnail (although often overlooked because of its small size) the species may hitch-hike on aquarium plants and other aquariummaterials disgarded in natural habitat. Until now the species does not seem to be rapidly spreading, probably because of its preference for higher water temperatures. A more rapid spread might be expected when morphs adapted to survival at lower temperatures, are set free in the wild via aquariumtrade-disgards.
  • Meren
  • Waterwegen
  • Wijze van introductie
  • Botanische tuin/dierentuin/aquaria
  • Huisdier-/aquariumhandel
  • Impact Herbivorie
    Ecologische impact (toelichting) No negative ecological impacts have thus far been reported from the Netherlands.
    Economische impact (toelichting) In the Netherlands until now there is no economic impact.