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Zonnebaars Lepomis gibbosus

Foto: Jelger Herder


Centrarchidae [familie]
Lepomis [genus] (1/1)
gibbosus [soort]

The pumpkinseed Lepomis gibbosus was first recorded in the Netherlands in 1902. It was introduced for angling and aquarium purposes. The species is present in a variety of watertypes, ranging from rivers, streams to ponds and lakes. Only in isolated waters with shallow lentic zones, the species can be very abundant. Transport by humans is the main vector for its ongoing spread. The species is more often present in waterbodies situated close tot human population and the species is still being sold in garden centers. As a result of its opportunistic feeding behavior, the presence of this species in isolated, natural waterbodies leads to the decline of diversity and abundance of native invertebrate, amphibian and fish species. It is considered invasive and has significant ecological consequences in small water bodies.




Spikmans, F.