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Kleine plevier Charadrius dubius

Foto: Hans van der Meulen


Charadriidae [familie]
Charadrius [genus] (4/2)
dubius [soort]

The breeding pattern is partly influenced by the annual variation in available habitat; therefore, distribution is over­estimated due to the cumulation of three years of field­work. Widely distributed species; breeding numbers in the river area and the east of the Delta (often more than 10 bp/square) are clear­ly higher than elsewhere (in general 1-3 bp/square). Range expansion since the mid-1970s by colonisation of new habitats, especially in the Delta area (reclaimed areas, renaturation projects), but elsewhere as well (construction works, sand and gravel pits). More or less natural habitats are now­adays mainly confined to the River Waal (where 40% breeds on or near riverside). The national population comprised 750-1100 bp in 1998-2000 (800-1300 in 1973-77).



Strucker, R.


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