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Strandplevier Anarhynchus alexandrinus

Foto: Wijnand van Buuren


Charadriidae [familie]
Anarhynchus [genus] (4/1)

Breeding is characterized by annual fluctuations and short-distance movements within the breeding season, causing a slightly overestimated distribution pattern. The Delta (194-263 bp in 1998-2000, with concentrations on reclaimed grounds and newly created islands) is clearly of more importance for breeding birds than the Wadden Sea (35-63 bp). Numbers elsewhere are negligible. The steep decline of the national population since 1973-77 (700-900 bp) affected especially the Wadden Sea area, whereas breeding near Lake IJsselmeer (in the 1970s in newly reclaimed polders) has almost disappeared. The population in 1998-2000 is estimated at 270-320 bp.



Meininger, P. L.


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