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Zwartkopmeeuw Larus melanocephalus

Foto: Kees Venneker


Laridae [familie]
Larus [genus] (15/5)

Most pairs breed in colonies of Black-headed Gull. The Delta area holds over 90% of the Dutch population and several colonies of over 100 bp (largest at Hellegatsplaten, 334 in 1998). Elsewhere, only one colony exceeded 10 bp. Population growth since the 1970s (7-8 bp in 1973-77) was spectacular: 10 bp in 1980, 92 in 1990 and 416, 475, 850 and c. 1150, respectively, in 1998-2001. High breeding success (especially when compared to Black-headed Gull), high survival of adult and immature birds and immigration may account for this increase. Ringing has shown close links with the Belgian population and, to a lesser extent, with colonies elsewhere in Europe.



Meininger, P. L.


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