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Noordse stern Sterna paradisaea

Foto: Kees Venneker


Laridae [familie]
Sterna [genus] (6/3)
paradisaea [soort]

About 98% of the breeding population is located in the Wadden Sea, with the largest colony at the island of Griend (max. 1250 bp in 1998-2000). In the Delta area, at the south­ernmost edge of the breeding range, only 40-60 bp were recorded. Much of the differences in distribution, compared to the 1970s, can be attributed to local habitat changes (vegetation succession), although inland breeding has disap­peared. Reliable national population figures are only known since the end of the 1970s. These suggest a slight decrease (from 1200-1500 bp in 1978 to 850-1200 around 1990), followed by an increase in the 1990s (1900-2300 bp in 1998-2000).



Lutterop, D., Kasemir, G.


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