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Fuut Podiceps cristatus

Foto: Marion Haarsma


Podicipedidae [familie]
Podiceps [genus] (4/3)
cristatus [soort]

Widespread breeding bird, avoiding only higher areas and saline habitats. Favourable areas, e.g. around Lake IJsselmeer, may support over 100 bp/atlas square. Since the 1970s, rapid colonisation of sub-optimal parts of the coun­try took place, as part of a long term increase favoured by protection and, more important, eutrophication. These allowed the species to colonise urban areas or artificial habitats and benefit from increased stocks of suitable fish like bream and perch. About 13,000-16,000 bp in 1998-2000, compared to 5000-7500 in 1973-77.



Veldkamp, R.


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