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Zomertortel Streptopelia turtur

Foto: Louis Westgeest


Columbidae [familie]
turtur [soort]

Highest densities are recorded in the southwest of the coun­try, in reclaimed polders in Lake IJsselmeer and, rather patchy, on the sandy soils. Arable land is clearly preferred over grassland, but very open areas are avoided. A retraction of breeding range since the 1970s, especially in the lowlands, coincided with a 70-90% reduction in numbers in several areas. The causes are probably a mixture of adverse developments in the winter areas (e.g. drought), during migration (heavy mortality due to hunting), and in the breeding habitat (replacement of cereals by green maize, use of herbicides). Only 10.000-12,000 bp in 1998-2000 (35,000-50,000 in 1973-85).



Turnhout, C. van


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