Nederlands Soortenregister

Overzicht van de Nederlandse biodiversiteit

Grauwe klauwier Lanius collurio

Foto: Kees Venneker


Laniidae [familie]
Lanius [genus] (10/3)
collurio [soort]

Half of the Dutch breeding population (160-200 bp in 1998-2000) is nowadays located in the peat-moor reserve Bargerveen in southeastern Drenthe, the other half is scattered over low-intensity traditional farmland and heaths in the eastern half of the country. The population in the dunes has completely disappeared since the 1970s (last breeding attempt in 1998), as did most of the breeding pairs on the mainland. In both cases, food shortage was caused by rapid changes in vegetation and habitat deterioration. In the Bargerveen, peat-moor restoration resulted in an increase from 10-15 bp in the mid-1980s to 110 in 1996, followed by a slight decline (less than 80 bp in 2001).



Esselink, H., Geertsma, M.


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