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Klapekster Lanius excubitor

Foto: Kees Venneker


Laniidae [familie]
Lanius [genus] (11/3)
excubitor [soort]

Only one confirmed breeding record (1999, northwest Veluwe), with probable breeding records at two other sites (1998 central Veluwe, 2000 Drenthe). Most other records probably refer to late migrants, although a few breeding pairs might have been overlooked due to secretive be­haviour. The species suffered much from the cultivation of heaths and peat-moors, but still bred in several regions in the 1970s. Now­adays, most former breeding areas have become deserted and the species balances on the verge of extinction. The population decreased from 15-20 bp in 1989-91 to 1-4 in 1998-2000. Habitat deterioration and food shortages at the nestling stage may presently be key-factors in the ongoing decline.



Vogel, R.L.


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