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Grote gele kwikstaart Motacilla cinerea

Foto: Bert de Ruiter


Motacillidae [familie]
Motacilla [genus] (9/5)
cinerea [soort]

Mainly confined to natural streams in three areas in the east (Twente, Achterhoek) and southeast (Limburg) of the country. Numbers exceed only rarely 10 bp/square. Since the 1970s a gradual population increase took place, with dips caused by cold winters. The breeding range has expanded somewhat into sub-optimal regions, although habitat preference limits the distribution within The Netherlands rather strictly. Since the mid-1970s numbers have grown from 110-175 bp to 240-300 bp in 1998-2000. Renaturation of streams might result in a further increase.



Kwak, R.


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