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Duinpieper Anthus campestris

Foto: Rob Versteeg


Motacillidae [familie]
Anthus [genus] (9/3)
campestris [soort]

During 1998-2000, only eight atlas squares with probable or confirmed breeding pairs were recorded on the Veluwe, each with a substantial area of inland sand dunes and sandy heaths. Similar habitats elsewhere in The Netherlands were successively vacated during the 20th century. Habitat loss is the main determinant of this trend, aggravated by steeply increasing levels of disturbance through recreational activities since the 1970s. Only a single site, Kootwijkerzand-Harskampse Zand on the central Veluwe, held over 15 bp in 1998-2000. The decline from at least 75-90 bp in 1973-77 to 25-30 in 1998-2000 shows the Tawny Pipit to be in danger of extinction.



Bijlsma, R.G.


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