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Ringmus Passer montanus

Foto: Hans van der Meulen


Passeridae [familie]
Passer [genus] (3/2)
montanus [soort]

Slightly less widely distributed than House Sparrow, avoiding urban areas, extensive woodland and open natural habitat. Abundant only in mixed small-scale farmland. In open farmland, arable land is preferred over grassland. Minor changes in distribution since the 1970s, apart from a colonisation of the most recent embankments in Flevoland. In wood­land and coastal dunes, an initial increase in the 1960s and 1970s turned into a serious decline by the end of the 1970s, coinciding with a 70-90% reduction in numbers. In farmland trends are probably comparable. The population in 1998-2000 is estimated at 50,000-150,000 bp.



Mostert, K.


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