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Tapuit Oenanthe oenanthe

Foto: Kees Venneker


Oenanthe [genus]
(8 soorten in totaal / 1 gevestigd)
oenanthe [soort] (2/1)

More or less continuous distribution in the coastal dunes, with highest densities in the north and on the Wadden Sea islands. Rather patchy inland distribution, restricted to sandy heaths and sand drifts, with concentrations only in Drenthe and the central Veluwe. Elsewhere, the depicted distribution might be somewhat inflated by migrants (cf. high proportion of possible breeding records). Dramatic range contraction since the 1970s and corresponding po­pulation decline (1900-2500 bp in 1980, 600-800, at most, in 1998-2000) is caused by habitat deterioration, mainly through eutrophication of poor soils (due to atmospheric deposition) and depleted rabbit numbers.



Dijksen, L.


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