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Grauwe gors Emberiza calandra


Emberizidae [familie]
Emberiza [genus] (17/4)
calandra [soort]

Breeding is mainly confined to forelands along the upper part of the river Waal, arable land in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and the Meuse valley in s Limburg. This represents a relict from a much wider breeding range, which included the entire river district, large parts of Limburg and arable landscapes in Groningen (in 1975 totalling 1100-1250 bp), but became deserted in the past decades. These losses are mainly attributed to increased agricultural pressure, coinciding with the introduction of green maize, increased use of autumn-sown cereals and disappearing stubble fields in winter. In 1998-2000 (50-100 bp), the population was still declining.



Kurstjens, G.


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