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Goudhaan Regulus regulus

Foto: Wijnand van Buuren


Regulidae [familie]
Regulus [genus] (2/2)
regulus [soort]

Numbers in two atlas-years (1999 and 2000) were high. The maps therefore show a maximum distribution, although the species may have gone undetected locally. The species was recorded in most atlas squares with over 10 ha of spruce, high densities coinciding with large areas of spruce. Al­though some range expansion was observed since the 1970s, population numbers have remained rather stable (with marked fluctuations, however, especially after prolonged cold-spells). The recent trend to replace coniferous forests by broad-leaved, more natural woodland, might be adverse to the species. Some 40,000-50,000 bp in 1998-2000.




Dijk, A. J. van


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