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Ekster Pica pica

Foto: Dick Belgers


Corvidae [familie]
Pica [genus] (1/1)
pica [soort]

Common in all parts of the country, except for coastal, treeless habitats and extensive heaths and afforested areas like the Veluwe. Moreover, distribution is affected by the oc­currence of Carrion Crow (dominant over Magpie) and Northern Goshawk (high predation risk). Therefore, high densities occur in urban regions, where both species are scarce. Numbers have experienced a general in­crease since the 1970s, but recently many wooded areas and also some farmland-dominated areas in the east and south have become deserted as a result of increased Northern Goshawk predation, competition with Carrion Crow, and changes in manuring system. About 40,000-60,000 bp in 1998-2000.



Baeyens, G.


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