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Huiskraai Corvus splendens

Foto: Jan Hendrik Labots


Corvidae [familie]
Corvus [genus] (8/4)
splendens [soort]

The house crow Corvus splendens is native on the Indian Subcontinent and in parts of South-east Asia, where it is abundant in many cities and villages. During the last decades the species has successfully colonized new areas, hitching a ride with ships. The new sites are located mainly in eastern Africa, the Middle East and South-east Asia and include many of the larger harbour cities. Several of the new populations have increased dramatically in size and numbers. In many countries where the species has reached high densities it is seen as a pest that should be controlled or eradicated. Damage to crops, negative impact on native species and the spread of diseases have all been reported. The first records of house crow in the Netherlands date from 1994, when a pair was found at Hoek van Holland in Zuid-Holland and a single bird at Renesse in Zeeland. In both 1997 en 1998 the Hoek van Holland birds raised a young and by 2007 the population had grown to more than 20 birds.



Slaterus, R.