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Steenuil Athene vidalii

Foto: Hans van der Meulen


Strigidae [familie]
Athene [genus] (1/1)
vidalii [soort]

High densities are associated with small-scale farmland in the east of the country. Densities in the northeast and northwest are much lower, whereas those in the south might have been slightly under­estimated. Since the 1970s, the breeding range in the west and north of the country contracted seriously. Elsewhere, it is assumed that numbers have decreased, following intensification of farmland use and urbanisation. Present data suggest a population of 5500-6500 bp, much lower than estimated in 1979-85 (8000-12,000). However, thorough investigations are time-consuming, and numbers in many areas are only poorly known.



Stroeken, P., Harxen, R. van, Groen, N.


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