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Bosuil Strix aluco

Foto: Wijnand van Buuren


Strigidae [familie]
Strix [genus] (1/1)
aluco [soort]

Well-distributed over the higher parts of the country, generally in low densities but up to over 10 bp/atlas square in areas with mature woodland. The species does not completely avoid open areas, if these are scattered with woodlots, as in parts of the river area. A substantial range expansion since the 1970s was recorded on sandy soils in the south of the coun­try and - less spectacular - in the northeast. In the latter case, source areas for colonisation were at a larger distance, whereas predation by Northern Goshawk frustrates further expansion (as is known elsewhere as well, e.g. in the coastal dunes). About 4500-5500 bp in 1998-2000 (only 2500-3000 in 1973-77). 



Koning, F.


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