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Nachtzwaluw Caprimulgus europaeus

Foto: Jankees Schwiebbe


Caprimulgidae [familie]
Caprimulgus [genus] (1/1)
europaeus [soort]

Breeding is almost confined to heaths, sand drifts and (some­times) open forest on the poorest sandy deposits of the cen­tre and south of the country, with low densities in the north­east and an almost complete absence elsewhere. Major concentrations occur only in the Veluwe, with in one atlas square over 100 bp situated in a military exercise area. A long-term population decline, attributed to habitat loss and adverse changes in vegetation, is reflected in a breeding range contraction from the 1970s onwards. Some regional recovery was reported in the 1990s. In 1998-2000 about 950-1150 bp (against 1000 in 1973-77, probably underestimated).



Vogel, R.L.


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