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Slobeend Anas clypeata

Foto: Hans van der Meulen


Anatidae [familie]
Anas [genus] (21/7)
clypeata [soort]

The majority of the breeding population is located in grass­land dominated parts in the north and west of the country. How­ever, densities of more than 25 bp/atlas square are rather rare (6% of all occupied squares). A noticeable range contraction since the 1970s was most obvious on the higher grounds. Some expansion occurred in newly reclaimed freshwater habitats in the Delta area. In the coastal dunes numbers fell (intensified drinking-water production), whereas suggested stable farmland figures might be influenced by over-representation of reserves in the sample. About 8000-9000 bp in 1998-2000 (9000-12,000 in 1973-77).



Kleunen, A. van


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