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Krakeend Anas strepera

Foto: Bas van Hulst-Kuiper


Anatidae [familie]
Anas [genus] (21/7)
strepera [soort]

Well-distributed over the lower parts of the country, especially in open grassland areas on peat soils, large marshlands and in freshwater (or slightly brackish) habitats in the southwest of the country. Breeding on the higher grounds is mainly confined to fens. Major range expansion since the 1970s is obvious, accompanied by a gradual but substantial increase in numbers, rather irrespective of winter weather or water tables in spring. The species has probably benefited from eutrophication of surface waters. In 1998-2000 about 6000-7000 bp were estimated (only 550-800 in 1973-77).



Huijssteeden, E. van


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