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Krooneend Netta rufina

Foto: Wijnand van Buuren


Anatidae [familie]
Netta [genus] (2/1)
rufina [soort]

Very local breeding bird, with a concentration of breeding pairs (50% of national population) around the Vinkeveense Plassen in the central part of the country. Breeding distribution is strongly correlated with the occurrence of stoneworts and other submerged macrophytes. The small Dutch breeding population (first breeding in 1942, 40-60 bp in 1973-77) collapsed as most water bodies became eutrophicated and aquatic vegetations disappeared from the 1980s onwards. However, it recovered due to improved water quality and subsequent recovery of aquatic vegetations in the 1990s. In 1998-2000 120-170 bp were recorded, tending to increase further.



Winden, J. van der, Dirksen, S.


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