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Gewone pad Bufo bufo

Foto: Marion Haarsma


Bufonidae [familie]
Bufo [genus] (1/1)
bufo [soort]


The common toad is one of the most common amphibians in the Netherlands, present in all provinces. Only on most Wadden Sea islands populations are lacking and the species seems to be rare in some regions with sea clay soils.


The common toad is listed on the Red List as not threatened. It has a low level of protection under Dutch legislation and is listed on the Bern Convention (Annex iii). The range of the common toad in the Netherlands has been more or less stable since 1950. Where there has been a decline, this is mostly a decline in numbers, not in distribution. Reclamation of land, intensification of agricultural practices, the loss of ponds, combined with lowering of the water levels and urban development will definitely have had some effects. Special management for this species is not necessary. Recent pond creation schemes, hydrological restoration and agricultural land being transformed into nature have led to local and regional increases. The construction of wildlife passages under and over roads, has decreased high mortality during migration.


Infections of common toads by the fly Lucilia bufonivora are quite often found in the Netherlands.



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