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Gevlekte Amerikaanse rivierkreeft Faxonius limosus

Foto: Marion Haarsma


Cambaridae [familie]
Faxonius [genus] (5/1)
limosus [soort]

The spiny-cheek crayfish Orconectes limosus was first recorded in the Netherland in 1968. The species most likely entered the Netherlands through larger rivers in the south and east, as a result of expanding populations in France and Germany. Its expansion seems largely accelerated by human transport such as dredging activities. The species has been ‘rescued’ several times because it was mistaken voor the Noble crayfish. The spiny-cheek crayfish is a highly tolerant species that can be expected almost everywhere. As it was the first introduced species in Europe, the spiny-cheek crayfish is held largely ‘responsible’ fort he collapse of the noble crayfish in Europe. Due to its wide distribution, the species still blocks the recovery of astacid species in Europe (as it is a carrier of the crayfish plague). Other than that, no impact has been recorded.   



Koese, B.