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Rode Amerikaanse rivierkreeft Procambarus clarkii

Foto: Marion Haarsma


Cambaridae [familie]
Procambarus [genus] (5/2)
clarkii [soort]

The red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii was first recorded in the Netherlands in The Hague in 1985. Especially in the last ten years, the species expanded its range severely. Nowadays, the species occurs in most of the urban and rural regions in the western part of the Netherlands, especially between Amsterdam and Utrecht. Although the species proved to be a threat to aquatic ecosystems in many countries, no negative effects (loss of macrophytes due to grazing or destruction of banks due to burrowing activity) have been reported from the Netherlands yet.

To support the identification of Dutch crayfish (one native and several invasive species), this interactive identification key can be used [in Dutch].



Koese, B.