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Moerasparelmoervlinder Euphydryas aurinia

Foto: Wijnand van Buuren


Melitaeinae [subfamilie]
Euphydryas [genus] (1/1)
aurinia [soort]

Euphydryas aurinia used to be a common resident at the beginning of the 20th century, but intensification of agricultural land use led to its extinction; the last population disappeared in 1982. Succisa pratensis was used as larval foodplant on wet grasslands and Scabiosa columbaria, on limestone grasslands. It flew in one generation from mid-May until mid-June and hibernated as a half-grown caterpillar. Reintroduction is no option at present because there are no longer any large, wet, nutrient-poor grasslands left in the Netherlands. Furthermore, populations of this butterfly occurring on wet grassland are rare elsewhere in Europe, making the choice of a source population difficult.



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