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Grote ijsvogelvlinder Limenitis populi


Limenitidinae [subfamilie]
Limenitis [genus] (3/2)
populi [soort]

Limenitis populi used to be a resident, but is now extinct. It had always been rare but in the 1970s, it disappeared from most places; a very small population survived on the Frisian Island Terschelling until 1995. Since 1990, two vagrants have been seen. The species usually used P. tremula as larval foodplant, but on Terschelling, P. nigra. It flew in one generation from the beginning of June until the end of July and hibernated as a half-grown caterpillar. Why exactly it became extinct in the Netherlands is unknown, but the disappearance of open woodland with P. tremula was certainly of importance.



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