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Bont zandoogje Pararge aegeria

Foto: Ab H. Baas


Satyrinae [subfamilie]
Pararge [genus] (1/1)
aegeria [soort]

Pararge aegeria is a common resident. The Dutch Monitoring Scheme shows a strong increase in numbers since 1992. New colonies have been established in previously unoccupied areas, such as the Veluwe in the province of Overijssel, and parts of the provinces of Groningen, Utrecht and Flevoland. It is remarkable that despite the presence of apparently suitable habitat, there are still provinces where this species hardly occurs, such as Drenthe, Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. It is found in woodland habitats, such as woodland edges, along woodland rides, in coppices and on scrubs, but also in gardens and parks. Several species of grass serve as larval foodplant. It flies in two or three generations from mid-April until the end of September and hibernates as pupa or as a half-grown caterpillar.



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