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Hooibeestje Coenonympha pamphilus

Foto: Rob Smeenk


Satyrinae [subfamilie]
Coenonympha [genus] (4/4)
pamphilus [soort]

Coenonympha pamphilus is a common resident. However, the species had a bad year in 1992; numbers fell dramatically to just a tenth of those of the previous year. The Dutch Monitoring Scheme has since recorded a slight increase in numbers, as well as the recolonisation of several areas. At present, C. pamphilus is as common as it was in 1991. It is a species of open, nutrient-poor grasslands, dunes, roadside verges, gardens and neglected corners of fields, preferring a vegetation with a mosaic structure. It flies in two generations, the first from the end of May until mid-July. Fast-growing caterpillars of the first generation give rise to butterflies that fly as a second generation from the beginning of August until the beginning of September.



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