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Veenhooibeestje Coenonympha tullia

Foto: Paul Kersten


Satyrinae [subfamilie]
Coenonympha [genus] (4/4)
tullia [soort]

Coenonympha tullia is an extremely rare resident. At present, it is limited to one large and three small populations in the provinces of Drenthe and Friesland. Categorised as 'endangered' on the 1995 Red List, it is now listed as 'critically endangered'. It has been declining since the beginning of the 20th century. It used to occur on practically all of the raised bogs in the Netherlands, but peat extraction, drainage and land reclamation have destroyed more and more of its habitat. It flies in one generation from the beginning of June until mid-July and hibernates as a half-grown caterpillar in large tussocks of Eriophorum vaginatum, its larval foodplant. A conservation plan has been made for this species; measures include the restoration of peat bogs and stabilising the water-level. As in particular the females do not migrate over large distances, habitat should be restored in close vicinity to the current populations.



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