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Groentje Callophrys rubi

Foto: Jur Heijnen


Theclinae [subfamilie]
Callophrys [genus] (1/1)
rubi [soort]

Callophrys rubi is a fairly scarce resident. Until 1960, numbers were more or less stable, but between 1960 and 1970, they dropped by half. Nevertheless, it has recently managed to colonise some of the Frisian Islands, although the butterfly usually only migrates over short distances; the populations are expanding. Inland, the species mainly occurs on the sandy soils in the eastern part of the country; here, it is becoming rarer. The Dutch Monitoring Scheme indicates that the numbers haven been more or less stable since the 1990s. It is mostly found at woodland edges near heathland, but also in woodland clearings, on nutrient-poor, flower-rich grasslands, calcareous grasslands, and fallow land, where it uses a variety of larval foodplants. The species flies in one long generation from early May until early July.



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