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Bruine vuurvlinder Lycaena tityrus

Foto: Wijnand van Buuren


Lycaeninae [subfamilie]
Lycaena [genus] (5/4)
tityrus [soort]

Lycaena tityrus is a scarce resident. It declined dramatically during the 20th century, disappearing completely from the south of the country. At present, only about a hundred populations remain in the north-east, east and central parts of the Netherlands. The species occurs in a variety of nutrient-poor habitats, such as wet grasslands on peaty soil, marshy areas, heathland and dry, acidic grasslands on sandy soil. It favours sheltered places in the flower-rich transition zones to richer soils; Rumex spp. serve as larval foodplant. It flies in two generations from early May until early September and hibernates as a half-grown caterpillar. It is classified as 'vulnerable' on the 2006 Red List. According to the Dutch Monitoring Scheme, numbers show a moderate decline.



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