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Veenbesblauwtje Agriades optilete

Foto: Ab H. Baas


Polyommatinae [subfamilie]
Agriades [genus] (1/1)
optilete [soort]

Cranberry Blue Plebeius optilete

Plebeius optilete has always been a rare resident here. However, it is now an extremely rare resident, with only two very small populations in the northeast of the country, comprising thirty and fifty individuals. The species is classified as 'critically endangered' on the 2006 Red List. It occurs in small raised bogs surrounded by woodland. Oxycoccus palustris is its main larval foodplant and Erica tetralix serves as nectar source for the adults. The species flies in one generation from mid-June until mid-July, and hibernates as a half-grown caterpillar. Extinction may be prevented by restoring the hydrology of the raised bogs. Furthermore, more habitat should be created near existing populations by digging small ponds that can develop into bog.



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