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Aardbeivlinder Pyrgus malvae

Foto: Bert de Ruiter


Pyrginae [subfamilie]
Pyrgus [genus] (7/1)
malvae [soort]

Pyrgus malvae is a rare resident, although it was common about 1920. Now, only about twenty-five populations are left. It is classified as 'endangered' on the 2006 Red List. At present, it occurs in the coastal dunes, where its larval foodplant is usually Rubus caesius, and in central and eastern parts of the country, on Potentilla erecta. The habitat has characteristically short vegetation, and may be either damp or dry. Habitat degradation brought about by eutrophication and desiccation is probably the main cause for its decline. The species flies in one generation from early May until early June.



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