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Groot dikkopje Ochlodes sylvanus

Foto: Dick Belgers


Hesperiinae [subfamilie]
Ochlodes [genus] (1/1)
sylvanus [soort]

Ochlodes faunus is a common resident. Its distribution hardly changed during the 20th century, although the Dutch Monitoring Scheme has indicated a steep decline since 1990. This is the reason that the species is classified as 'susceptible' on the Red List of 2006. It occurs in all sorts of rough, grassy, preferably damp places with some form of shelter. Various species of broad-leaved grass serve as larval foodplant. The species flies in one generation from mid-June until the beginning of August, and hibernates as a half-grown caterpillar.



Wynhoff, I., Swaay, C. van, Groenendijk, D., Bosveld, M., Bos, F.