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Klein geaderd witje Pieris napi

Foto: Ab H. Baas


Pierinae [subfamilie]
Pieris [genus] (4/3)
napi [soort]

Pieris napi is a very common resident. This species prefers more natural habitats, rather than the built-up or cultivated areas favoured by the other Pieris species. It mainly occurs in relatively humid habitats, such as woodland edges, woodland clearings, and grasslands, but is also found at the edge of heathland, and in gardens and parks. Cardamine pratensis and Alliaria petiolata are mostly used as larval foodplant. The species flies in three generations and hibernates as a pupa. Due to prolonged emergence from the pupa, the different generations overlap and butterflies can be seen almost continuously from the end of April until the beginning of September. The Dutch Monitoring Scheme indicates that numbers have been more or less stable since the early 1990s.



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