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Vroege glazenmaker Aeshna isoceles

Foto: Dick Belgers


Aeshnidae [familie]
Aeshna [genus] (8/7)
isoceles [soort]

Aeshna isoceles is fairly common in The Netherlands, in contrast to the situation in adjacent countries, where the species is scarce or even rare. It is found, often in abundance, in fenlands, where it especially favours waters in which water soldier (Stratiotes aloides) grows. The species is also found in mesotrophic lakes and larger, marshy water bodies near the large rivers. In all cases a well-developed riparian vegetation is required. The species has shown a decrease, which is probably caused by the disappearance of mesotrophic habitats due to acidification and eutrophication. A. isoceles is classified as vulnerable on the Dutch Red list. 



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