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Bruine glazenmaker Aeshna grandis

Foto: Dick Belgers


Aeshnidae [familie]
Aeshna [genus] (8/7)
grandis [soort]

Aeshna grandis is common in The Netherlands and it has been so throughout the past century. It inhabits a wide range of habitats on sand and peat soils. The species is largely absent from the clay soils and dunes of the coastal regions. An interesting incursion of its range into this area occurs along the ancient course of the Rhine, ‘spilling over’ into the adjacent coastal dunes. A relative sensitivity to salinity and a rather poor dispersal capacity may explain this pattern: the old riverbed appears to provide a low-salinity corridor through rather brackish land. The range of A. grandis may expand as modern water management practices induce a decrease of salinity in coastal regions.



Hoeffnagel, W., Dijkstra, K.B.