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Kempense heidelibel Sympetrum depressiusculum

Foto: Lex van Leur


Libellulidae [familie]
Sympetrum [genus] (9/8)

Sympetrum depressiusculum is very rare in The Netherlands and restricted to a small area in the south-east. Although reproduction was proven here in 1998, most individuals seen are thought to originate from some large populations in the adjacent part of Belgium. The species is restricted to standing waters with a marshy periphery in which the water table is artificially lowered (or kept stable) in winter (e.g. fishponds and cooling water basins). Under these circumstances the larval habitat warms quickly in spring. In comparison to other Sympetrum species, S. depressiusculum is a poor disperser. Individuals are rarely found more than 20 km from populations. The species is Red-listed as susceptible.



Verbeek, P., Heeffer, J.