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Bruinrode heidelibel Sympetrum striolatum

Foto: Wijnand van Buuren


Libellulidae [familie]
Sympetrum [genus] (9/8)
striolatum [soort]

Sympetrum striolatum is common in The Netherlands, al-though it is scarce in the north-eastern provinces. It is interesting to compare this southern species with its northern sister species S. vulgatum. The latter is dominant in the north of the country, while striolatum dominates in the Southeast and Southwest. Besides this north-south gradient in relative abundance, striolatum also becomes relatively more frequent towards the coast (see separate map under S. vulgatum). Records of striolatum used to outnumber those of vulgatum, but after the 1940s vulgatum is recorded more. Nonetheless, in absolute numbers striolatum also seems to have increased. Although the two often breed in the same waters, the habitat of striolatum is on average more open, shallower and more recent in origin.



Dijkstra, K.B.