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Bandheidelibel Sympetrum pedemontanum

Foto: Marianne Vos-Jaspers


Libellulidae [familie]
Sympetrum [genus] (9/8)

Sympetrum pedemontanum was first recorded in 1981 in The Netherlands. Most records are concentrated in the south-east, in an area adjoining Belgian populations. The species is expanding, and since 1995 records have also been obtained north of the Rhine. Although vagrants have been found scattered throughout the country, illustrating good dispersing capabilities, populations are probably only present at about five sites. These sites consist of small, man-made running waters such as ditches and in nutrient-poor meadows that are traditionally irrigated with calcareous water, the so-called “vloeivelden”. The species is considered susceptible on the Dutch Red list.



Delft, J.J.C.W. van, Lam, E.