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Zuidelijke oeverlibel Orthetrum brunneum

Foto: Lex van Leur


Libellulidae [familie]
Orthetrum [genus] (3/3)
brunneum [soort]

Orthetrum brunneum is rare in The Netherlands. In 1995 it was rediscovered after almost a century of absence. In the second half of the 1990s about six populations were present, all in the province of Limburg except one in eastern Gelderland. The creation of suitable habitat and a succession of warm summers may explain this increase. All localities were either quarries or sites of nature development (reconstructed stream courses), providing bare areas with seepage, shallow pools and streamlets. As vegetation succession advances these sites will probably become unsuitable for the species. It is regarded as susceptible in the Dutch Red list.



Gubbels, R.E.M.B.