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Oostelijke witsnuitlibel Leucorrhinia albifrons

Foto: Tim Faasen


Libellulidae [familie]
Leucorrhinia [genus] (5/5)
albifrons [soort]

Leucorrhinia albifrons was first discovered by M. Lieftinck in a series of L. caudalis sent to him by D. Geijskes. The species has probably always been rare and after its discovery in 1927 it was found at only six localities. The last record of a population was in 1983. The last record of an isolated male was in 1994. The species was found at mesotrophic lakes with an extensive border of riparian vegetation. Suitable habitat was destroyed by eutrophication, which in some cases was caused by changes in water management. The nearest known populations are now in north-eastern Germany. It therefore seems unlikely that the species will be rediscovered in the near future. It is Red-listed as critical, although it is effectively extinct. 



Wasscher, M.