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Gevlekte witsnuitlibel Leucorrhinia pectoralis

Foto: Jeroen Hoek


Libellulidae [familie]
Leucorrhinia [genus] (5/5)
pectoralis [soort]

Leucorrhinia pectoralis is fairly rare and declining in The Netherlands. It is therefore Red-listed as endangered. The species inhabits two main habitat types that are characterised by well-structured aquatic and riparian vegetation. The first type is mesotrophic pools on sandy soils, which are under severe pressure of eutrophication, acidification and dessication. Populations here are small, unstable and declining. Although extinct in the coastal dunes since 1963, an increasing number of records since 1998 (not on the map) is raising hope for the re-colonisation of this habitat. The second type is in fenlands. These harbour some large and stable populations, especially in the north of the province of Overijssel, which are among the most important ones in Europe.  



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