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Kleine tanglibel Onychogomphus forcipatus

Foto: Siep van Lingen


Gomphidae [familie]
Onychogomphus [genus] (1/1)
forcipatus [soort]

Onychogomphus forcipatus is very rare in The Netherlands. All records are from the province of Limburg. There are three records from the river Maas, the only large Dutch river with a stony bed. These date from the 19th century, 1947 and 1995. The last record involved the finding of two exuviae. The larvae may have drifted from Belgian populations during floods in the preceding winter. A possible population was discovered in 2000 along the Roer, a tributary of the Maas (not on the map). This is a small river with a rather natural morphology with sand and gravel banks.



Kalkman, V.J., Hermans, J.