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Hoogveenglanslibel Somatochlora arctica

Foto: Lex van Leur


Corduliidae [familie]
Somatochlora [genus] (3/3)
arctica [soort]

Somatochlora arctica is rare and endangered species in The Netherlands. At present only three small and widely scattered populations are known, all of which were discovered in the second half of the 1990s. These are found in the border regions of southern Noord-Brabant, southern Limburg and eastern Gelderland. The species only occurs in dystrophic bogs with small pits and hollows with living peat moss in which the larvae live. A remarkable record is a female found dying (but releasing eggs) in unsuitable habitat on the Waddensea island of Terschelling in 1996. 



Weide, M.J.T. van der